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Opening Cutscene

Story Trailer


Grip is a single-player, first-person, exploration and puzzle game available for free on PC at


Players assume the role of Avery, a teenager learning to control telekinetic powers that are linked to their emotions. As they progress, they learn that Avery's powers change depending on which emotion they're feeling.

Players will need to utilise Avery's powers to move objects such as boulders and logs to find their way out of the forest canyon environment.

Grip focuses on the themes of emotional health and self acceptance.


Grip was created using the Unreal Engine as part of our university graduation project. This was our first game at this scale and a huge learning curve for all of us. The majority of the game was developed full time over a three month period during university, and then casually in our spare time after graduation over the next four months. While Grip is released, we are still continuing to develop and update the game.


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